3 Ruggable pad alternatives (That work!)

Are you looking for a ruggable pad alternative because the one you have has worn out or is damaged?

Ruggable always sells its rug and rug pad as a set. This is a good thing because the two are designed to cling together and prevent them from moving on the floor.

But what happens when the rug pad wears out while the rug is still in perfect condition?

Most people look for alternatives rather than buying another ruggable rug and pad set, which makes financial sense.

So, is there an alternative to the ruggable pad? Turns out, there is. In this article, we look at some of these alternatives that are just as good (if not better) than the ruggable pad.

Ruggable pad alternative

Ruggable pad alternative 

1. Mohawk Home Felt and Latex non-slip pad

If you are looking for a rug pad to keep your area rug in place or add a little extra cushioning, try the Mohawk Home Felt and Latex nonslip pad.

This versatile rug pad can be used on carpet or hardwood floors since it does not slip and is available in two thicknesses (3/8” and ¼”) to suit your needs.

It’s also easy to customize because all you need to do is simply cut it 1 or 2 inches smaller than your desired rug size and you’re all set.

This Mohawk rug pad is designed to keep your rugs in place thanks to the durable latex backing. The backing is slip-resistant and will help prevent bunching, wrinkles, and damage to your floors.

Moreover, this rug pad is thick with a soft cushioned felt surface that will protect your flooring from scratches, scrapes, and other types of wear.

The only downside is that the pad tends to be difficult to trim to size with a simple household pair of scissors due to its thickness. So if you want to customize it, you will need to use a specialized rug or carpet pad cutter.

2. Nevlers felt rubber nonslip rug pad

The second alternative is the Nevlers felt rubber non-slip rug pad that you can use to add some comfort and protection to your ruggable rug.

This gripper pad is made from 100% recycled felt and it is 1/4″ thick, adding a protective cushion to your flooring.

The .25″ condensed needle punch felt increases your rug’s durability and floor protection, while the two different sides – one made from felt, and one made from rubber – create a nonslip grip.

Additionally, this rug pad can be easily cut to size with any cutting tool if you want to customize it since it’s not very thick. This however means that it might not feel as cushy as you would expect but it’s definitely very comfortable and provides a good amount of cushioning.

3. RUGPADUSA Protective cushioning rug pad

Another plush and comfortable rug pad that can be used as a ruggable rug pad substitute is the well know RUGPADUSA rug pad.

This is an ultra-plush felt pad that comes in 3/8″, 1/2″, and 1/4 thicknesses and is perfect for adding an extra layer of cushioning and protection under your rugs.

Its thickness makes it ideal for sound absorption and insulation so it can keep your room warmer in the winter months. In addition, RUGPADUSA is made of 100% recycled felt material that is durable and long-lasting.

This pad also helps to protect your floors from damage while keeping your furniture in place. Its softness makes it gentle for hardwood floor finishes and won’t leave marks or stain them. Also, it does not slide on the floor when placed on the softer side down.

When can you use a different pad with a ruggable?

You can usually use a different pad with ruggable due to reasons such as;

  • When your ruggable pad is too small

If your ruggable pad is too small, there’s not much you can do except get a new one that’s the right size.

Since you can’t buy the ruggable pad separately, you will need to get a substitute-consider the options we have reviewed above.

Make sure to measure your rug before buying a carpet pad so you know for sure that it will fit.

  • If it’s too thin for your floor

If you feel that your ruggable rug pad is too thin, you are not alone.

Many people have found the pad to be too thin and hence it does not offer any cushioning or protection for their hardwood floors.

There are a lot of different opinions out there about the thickness of the ruggable pad. But when it comes down to it, thinner padding is going to offer less protection and cushioning than something thicker.

If you’re looking for a rug pad that offers a little bit more support, you might want to consider something else.

  • Not comfortable under your feet

Many users feel that the ruggable pad is just too firm and stiff, making it uncomfortable to walk on.

The pad is not comfortable under your feet because it doesn’t have any give.

A good rug pad should have some cushioning to make it more comfortable to stand on and to help keep your rug in place.

Ruggable doesn’t do that, so it’s not a good choice if comfort is important to you.

  • If the ruggable pad keeps sliding

There could be a few reasons why your ruggable rug pad keeps sliding on the floor.

It might not be the right size for your rug, it might not be thick enough, or it might not have enough grip.

You can try adjusting the size of the pad or adding more padding. However, using a different type of rug pad that has a stronger grip would be a better alternative.

Can you use a ruggable without a pad?

Yes, you can use Ruggable without a pad, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Ruggable makers recommend using a pad for optimal stain and spill protection and to prevent slipping on the floor.

So without a pad, your flooring may be more susceptible to scratching or damage from heavy furniture.

Also, ruggable does not warranty their products when used without a pad.

Ultimately it’s up to you whether or not you want to use a pad with your Ruggable, but we generally advise following the manufacturer’s recommendations whenever possible.

Ruggable pad hacks to lay flat

One problem that people often experience with ruggable pads is curling at the edges.

So if you decide to keep your ruggable pad, there is a little hack you can do to keep the corners flat.

All you need is an iron and some paper towels.

1. Start by wetting the paper towels and placing them on the pad where it’s curled up.

2. Next, place your moderately hot iron on top of the wet paper towels and wait a few minutes.

3. Then, gently press down on the iron to help flatten out the pad.

4. Finally, let the pad cool off before placing back your area rug.


Many people often find themselves in a dilemma after their ruggable rug pad wears out and they don’t want to spend on another set.

It does not make financial sense to purchase a whole set of a rug and a rug pad while one is still in perfect condition.

So if you are looking for a ruggable pad alternative, we have reviewed 3 of the best rug pads that will go well with your rug.