Dirt under carpet pad? (Read the Causes!)

Carpet pads are designed to cushion and protect your carpeting, but over time, dirt, dust, and debris may accumulate underneath due to poor maintenance. Whether it’s from foot traffic, spills, pet hair, disintegrated carpet padding, or glue residue, dirt under the carpet pad can have serious health consequences if not removed. In this article,  we … Read more

6 lb Carpet Pad vs 8lb Carpet Pad (Differences Explained!)

6 lb Carpet Pad Vs 8lb Carpet Pad; which is the best? Carpet pad density is an important factor to consider when choosing a pad for your home. A higher-density carpet pad will last longer and feel more comfortable underfoot than a lower-density one. However, a higher-density carpet pad will also be more expensive. For … Read more

3 Ruggable pad alternatives (That work!)

Are you looking for a ruggable pad alternative because the one you have has worn out or is damaged? Ruggable always sells its rug and rug pad as a set. This is a good thing because the two are designed to cling together and prevent them from moving on the floor. But what happens when … Read more

Is moisture barrier carpet padding worth it?

Carpet padding is an important part of protecting your floors and prolonging the life of your carpet. A moisture barrier carpet padding will help to protect your floors from water damage, spills, and pet accidents. If you live in a high-moisture area or have pets, this type of carpet pad is definitely worth considering. However, … Read more

Memory foam carpet pad pros and cons

Memory foam carpet pad pros and cons

Memory foam carpet padding is becoming a more popular choice for flooring among homeowners. But before you decide to add this padding to your shopping list, it’s important to understand the memory foam carpet pad pros and cons. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of memory foam padding as well as some potential … Read more

Which side of rug pad goes down or up?

If you’re looking to add a little extra cushioning and protection to your rugs, a rug pad is a great way to do it. But when it comes to placing it on the floor, you might be wondering which side of rug pad goes down and which side goes up. In this article, we will … Read more

How to cut a rug pad with ease (Use these tools)

Many people often wonder how to cut a rug pad to fit under their area rug perfectly and what tools to use. Rug pads are made to protect your floors from damage and keep your rug in place. They do this by providing a cushion between your rug and the floor, which helps prevent slipping, … Read more