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About the author

I started www.carpetinsights.com due to my love of building the perfect home and the desire to help you get comfy in your own space.

I know what it takes to make sure everything is just right and will provide answers on this website relating specifically to managing homes or improving upon them.

So you can rest assured that the awesome articles you read on this website originate from a true enthusiast who knows her stuff inside out.

About this site

At carpetinsights.com, I publish articles on various topics related to home and home improvement.

My main concern, however, is always going above and beyond in providing informative content that will be helpful to you when seeking information regarding various projects in your home such as cleaning, and remodeling.

Parting shot

Experience counts when designing or renovating your space.

So let me help you make things easier by providing informative guides for all those tricky areas within our homes like refurbishing sofas, choosing the right type of flooring, and many more.